If you are interested in a new career in Real Estate, start here

Si está interesado en una nueva carrera en Bienes Raíces, comience aquí.



If you are renewing your license for the first time, start here

Si ya tiene licencia y es hora de renovar su licencia por primera vez, comience aquí.



If you have been licensed for more than two years, and need to renew it, start here

Si ha tenido la licencia por más de dos años y necesita renovarla, comience aquí.


How to become a licensed real estate agent in 3 steps !

Step 1

Register to take the 63-Hour Pre-Licensing course. We offer the course Online and in Classroom with convenient schedules and 24/7 Instructor Support

Step 2

Apply with the DBPR, filling up the application online, getting electronic fingerprints and scheduling an exam appointment. Follow the links to set up your application, fingerprints and exam appointment.

Step 3

Take and pass our school’s final exam with a score of 70/100 to obtain a certificate of completion. Bring the certificate of completion to the testing center. Take the State exam and obtain a score of 75/100 to get your Real Estate License!

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