According to a survey conducted by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation – Bureau of Education and Testing:

Of those who attended classroom training, fewer than 45% passed the state exam on the first attempt.

On the other hand, of those who had enrolled in an online distance-education course, more than 63% passed the exam on the first attempt; that is a 40% better passing rate than classroom education.

The advantages of taking the class online instead of in the classroom are as follows:

Location Freedom: The online student can bring a laptop or a tablet anywhere she or he feels most comfortable and relaxed while studying; it could be a room at home, a coffee shop, or even at the beach! The classroom is in a fixed location.

Schedule Freedom: It is not necessary to sacrifice a lifestyle because the online student can pick both the best time of the day and day of the week to study. If one’s daily work, family, and social activities don’t allow time to drive to the scheduled classroom to fulfill the required attendance time, the online course can take care of that.

Could you repeat that?: In a classroom, it’s impossible to click a button and rewind what the instructor just said; if the student missed it the first time, the only resource is the textbook. In an online environment, the student may review difficult lessons as many times as needed.

The average cost of a classroom pre-license education is around $450, while the same online pre-license education costs less than half of classroom education.

So, the conclusion is obvious: Online education is the best choice for the candidate trying to decide which option to choose to help her or him pass the state exam and start a new career as a professional real estate associate licensed in the State of Florida.

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