Having an Involuntary Inactive license isn’t the end of your real estate career, but, if you don’t bring your license to current status within two years, it will automatically expire and you would have to start from scratch to get a new license.
Here at Nexus International School of Real Estate we offer you a chance to get your license back in current status.
Our Florida Reactivation online course is designed by Dearborn REcampus with special learning features customized for online students and it is easily accessed through this convenient website.
The required 28-Hour course online is very affordable and, within 24 hours after you pass the end of course exam, we’ll report your completion of the required course to the Florida DBPR which will allow you to reactivate your license to current inactive or active status.

Florida Reactivation Course v10.0

28-Hour Reactivation Course

This 28-hour online course, based on key content from Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law, is intended for real estate sales associates and brokers who currently hold involuntary inactive Florida real estate licenses and meet the education requirements needed to reactivate their license, including the required two exams.